R-Vision Incident Response Platform (IRP) represents a comprehensive software platform for security automation and orchestration which can serve as a basis for building a high performing Security Operations Center.

R-Vision IRP aggregates all security incidents data from various sources in a single database for further analysis and investigation and facilitates agile incident response through automated workflows and playbooks.

Автоматизация реагирования

Incident Response Automation

The platform offers an advanced set of automation tools including dynamic playbooks, a set of ready-to-use scripts, adjustable workflows and security orchestration.

Единая база инцидентов

SOC Team Collaboration

Common workspace for team members which ensures easy access to collected evidence and data. Chat, commenting and other built-in communication tools streamline collaboration across teams.

Контроль ИТ-инфраструктуры

IT Infrastructure Control

Comprehensive insight into the company’s IT infrastructure and related business processes which is delivered by built-in inventory tools and collected from integrated security solutions.

Совместная работа

Centralized Data & Evidence Collection

Centralized data, evidence and documents storage facilitates easy access and information sharing among team members and improves compliance with regulatory security standards and guidelines.

Адаптируемая логика


Flexible settings for tailoring the platform for your company’s specific environment and needs, including adjustable incident parameters, fully customizable workflows and playbooks, specified access to data and roles, and much more.

Обмен информацией по инцидентам

Incident Data Sharing

Built-in tools for incident data sharing arrange for collaboration with trusted partners, external experts, communities and public CERTs or SOCs. Real-time data exchange gives companies access to most actual high-quality data facilitating early threats detection.

Интеграция с внешними источниками

Out-of-box Integrations

Built-in integrations with a wide range of commonly adopted security tools and systems. Open API and universal connector via e-mail allow building custom integrations.

Визуализация и отчетность

Performance Tracking & Reporting

Customizable dashboards and reports bring visibility into security operations. Incident metrics make it easy to track performance and identify directions for improvements.

R-Vision Security GRC Platform (SGRC) allows the creation of an effective information security system through automated IT-assets and risk management, security audits and compliance control to industry standards and requirements.

Information Security Management

Control tactic and strategic information security plans, keep track on overall cybersecurity performance and status, perform centralized task management and much more.

Audits & Compliance Management

Perform automated audits and compliance checks with industry standards and best practices, calculate compliance index, monitor its changes over time, and enjoy automated generation of reports and essential documents.

Risk Assessment & Control

Calculate risks associated with information security by using one of the embedded methodologies or your own. Produce a detailed risk mitigation plan and keep track of its implementation and risk level changes over time.

Checklists & Task Management

Get a comprehensive checklist of compliance problems that should be resolved with an option to assign the responsible person, specify deadlines, severity level and associated assets and easily track the status of remediation.

Контроль ИТ-инфраструктуры

IT Infrastructure Control

Get a holistic view of the company’s IT infrastructure and security status by using built-in inventory tools and integrations. Control security settings and user privileges and perform vulnerabilities management.

Security Level Control

Control the company’s security level trough automated data collection from available security tools and external information systems, leverage centralized storage of all information security documents and data and keep track of implemented security measures.

Cybersecurity Awareness Promotion

Reveal employees who are sensitive to phishing attacks, perform their training, run simulation attacks and monitor training progress.

Визуализация и отчетность

Visualization & Reporting

Enjoy full visibility of security operations through customizable dashboards, diagrams and charts, visual display of relations between information and IT assets and automated generation and delivery of reports. Track performance by using built-in metrics.

R-Vision Threat Intelligence Platform facilitates comprehensive management and use of threat intelligence, and also enables centralized collection and prioritization of indicators of compromise, enriched with additional context and direct output of ready-to-use data to security controls and systems.

Centralized Collection and Processing of TI Data

Aggregation of threat intelligence data from multiple sources with manual or automated processing and prioritization.

Data Enrichment

Additional checks and data enrichment with the necessary context through additional enquiries into external systems and other available data sources.

Единая база инцидентов

Data Output to Internal Security Systems

Processed data can be automatically sent to internal security controls, thereby reducing false positives and is delivered to other systems for further use.

Обмен информацией по инцидентам

TI Data Exchange

Real-time data exchange with peer R-Vision TIP users, trusted partners, external experts, communities and public CERTs with full control over information volume and recipients facilitating early threat detection.

Multiple TI Sources Support

Out-of-box integration with IBM X-Force Exchange and AlienVault Open Threat Exchange, Threat Intelligence services from Group-IB and Kaspersky Lab, and data import from any open or commercial TI feed.

Контроль ИТ-инфраструктуры

Tight Integration with R-Vision IRP

Immediate use of threat intelligence data for incident response and investigation, including automated search for threats, which are relevant to the specific IT infrastructure and on-the-fly checks of IoCs revealed during incident response in all available TI feeds, automatically or upon request.