Founded in 2011, R-Vision is an information security software company which develops innovative software solutions for security automation and orchestration. Our software enables centralization of security operations, automation of incident response and workflows and delivers visualization into the company’s security operation performance through metrics, dashboards and reporting.

Our mission

We help companies to efficiently defeat modern cyber attacks by maximizing the potential of their internal cybersecurity teams.

Cyber attacks are becoming one of the most serious threats for modern organizations. Companies often lack people and specific competences to efficiently address the emerging threats. We believe that internal security operation centers can counter even most sophisticated cyber attacks through well-coordinated actions and agile response to incidents by leveraging automated tools and collaboration with external experts and professional communities.

We deliver customizable user-friendly software tightly integrated with a wide set of security tools and supplied with adjustable connectors to external data.

Our team comprises skillful software engineers and experienced information security experts who help clients with establishing proven information security processes and choosing most suitable solutions.


Headquarters, Moscow, Russia

Located at  Volgogradskiy prospekt, 43, building 3, 109316, Moscow, Russia.

Registered at ul. Nobelya 7, Skolkovo Innovation Center, 143026, Moscow, Russia.

Phone: +7 (499) 322-80-40


Technical support

Phone: 8-800-350-77-57


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