R-Vision Threat Intelligence Platform

Комплексная работа с данными киберразведки

R-Vision Threat Intelligence Platform facilitates comprehensive management and use of threat intelligence, and also enables centralized collection and prioritization of indicators of compromise, enriched with additional context and direct output of ready-to-use data to security controls and systems.



  • Helps to reveal hidden threats through centralized collection of threat intelligence data from multiple sources.
  • Allows immediate threat blocking and minimization of possible damages by leveraging direct data output to the internal security systems.
  • Facilitates and speeds up incident investigation by means of additional enquiries for specific indicators and instant search across all available TI feeds.
  • Accelerates incident response thanks to tight integration with R-Vision Incident Response Platform.

Key Features

Centralized Collection and Processing of TI data

R-Vision Threat Intelligence Platform collects threat intelligence data from multiple sources and performs their manual or automated processing and prioritization.

Indicators of compromise can be gathered manually using advanced search algorythms or automatically via API.

Data Enrichment

R-Vision TIP performs additional checks for specific indicators of compromise and enriches data with the necessary context through additional enquiries into the external systems and other available information.

Data Output to Internal Security Systems

R-Vision Threat Intelligence Platform provides a single point of threat intelligence data collection, analysis and processing. Processed data can be automatically sent to internal security controls, thereby reducing false positives and is delivered to other systems for further use.

Integration with R-Vision Incident Response Platform

Tight integration with R-Vision IRP enables the immediate use of threat intelligence for incident response and investigation.

The system automatically searches for threats which are relevant to the specific IT infrastructure controlled by R-Vision IRP. It also checks indicators which have been revealed during incident response in all available feeds, automatically or upon request.

TI Data Exchange

Built-in tools for information sharing allow real-time data exchange with peer R-Vision TIP users, trusted partners, external experts, communities and public CERTs with full control over information volume and recipients facilitating early threat detection.